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The Patricia F. Kennedy school is 100% complete. The soul clinic road which leads to the schools was once covered in swamps is complete. Thanks to the Salem Covenant Church who was instrumental in the completion of the Road. However we are still seeking your help to provide computers, books or any school supplies to give the next generation of leaders advantage to be learners today and leaders tomorrow.  Please donate whatever God lays on your heart. Limitless opportunities comes to those who are educated.









The road that lead to the school is completed. However we are still accepting donation to upkeep/maintain

the paths that students will take to get to the school. Liberia have treacherous raining/spring season which can easily destroyed roads.  The above shows how the road was, this is common during the raining/spring seasons. 

#3 The Lazarus Sponsorship Program

Learners Today Leaders Tomorrow


Learn Today Lead Tomorrow goal is to sponsor 50 students in West-Africa Liberia for the 2020-2021 school year and mentor 5 students in Massachusetts 2020-2021. With your support we can help the next generation of leaders, Learn Today and Lead Tomorrow. 

When you sponsor a child, you give them an education, a safe place to live if needed, healthcare, preventative learning against child labor and trafficking, along with the knowledge of Jesus Christ! Will you choose to sponsor a child today?

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