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Inspiration/Boards Members

Inspiration Of LTLT

Patricia F. Kennedy

This Organization was founded due to the inspirational memory and Works of Patricia F. Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy was a woman of substance, who dedicated her life for the betterment of others. Albert Pine once said. “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”. Patricia B. Kennedy was an inspirational and courageous woman she lived her life believing that education is the key to success. She was a hero to those that came across her because of her selflessness.  Patricia B. Kennedy epitomized what a leader, mother, teacher and a great human being should be; sadly she passed away in 1990. She was a brilliant and ambitious woman who establish herself under the teaching and education of missionaries, she rose to levels that convinced William Tolbert, the nineteenth president of Liberia, to appoint her the first female county commissioner of the Zor-zor district, from 1974-1978. She was instrumental in founding four public schools. She was a patron of many children who received an education under her tutelage, and she cared for the displaced by providing room and board for their safety and rest. This non-profit is in honor of Patricia F. Kennedy.

Behind a great future there is usually an beginning and LTLT began with the inspiration of  a wonderful and courageous.   Learn Today and Lead Tomorrow Liberia was inspired by Patricia Kennedy , the paternal grandmotherand mother of the Kennedy family .
Little Liberia

FOUNDER/Executive Director


Joshua Kennedy is a visionary leader with a passion for educational empowerment and economic development to those less fortunate. Joshua is the founder and executive director of Learn Today Lead Tomorrow Liberia.  Joshua was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia. A Citizen of Liberia, Joshua expatriates to the United States in 2001, due to the 18 years civil war that distraught the country. Under Joshua leadership, Learn Today Lead Tomorrow Liberia has been effective in partnering with the PFK school, which have built a school and a road about 1 mile, which leads to the PFK school. Learn Today Lead Tomorrow has been effectively involve throughout the construction of the PFK Elementary school which is complete.  Currently Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is sponsoring 6 children at the PFK school and working to sponsor more children. Learn Today Lead Tomorrow Liberia is in existence to invest in the leaders of tomorrow, today; by providing affordable and accessible schools in West-Africa, Liberia; while supporting and mentoring 1st generation college students in Massachusetts. Joshua views himself as a servant of our Lord Jesus who give his life for the betterment of us all.  Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is focused on the post war development of Liberia, where illiteracy rates range as high as 60%, and 80% of the Liberian community is impoverished earning less than $1.00 per day. Joshua Kennedy is dedicated to improving the lives of children through education in all distressed areas of America & Liberia. Please Join Joshua because together nothing is Impossible.


Alvin B. Cordor

Alvin cordor was born and raised in Liberia. Like many liberian in the diaspora, Alvin came due to the 18 years of war, that cripple the country. Alvin along with all of us at LTLTLiberia belives that Education is the brenches to everything in Life. Alvin Cordor graduated from Worcester State University in 2014 with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. He was an IT intern during the summer of 2014. Alvin spent that summer working on the content management system migration project. He closely worked with the web services team; the Wolf Pack, a great team of IT experts. Alvin has since used his skills and experiences from UMASS to further advance his career and himself as a professional in the IT field. Alvin is currently working at Syntel INC as a software engineer, developing web applications for the banking industries. Please Join Alvin and work towards a better tomorrow by investing in what our kids learn today.

Little Liberia
Little Liberia

Vice President

Boiyan Kpakolo

Boiyan Kpakolo, born and raised in Liberia is a young man who truly believes that through education Liberians can prosper. Mr. Kpakolo is a Business Major, pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at The Angeline Tiah school in Singapore, China. Mr. Kpakolo is a God fearing man who dilligence and selflessness is unorthodox. Please John Mr. Kpakolo and help make this world a better place.



Jessica Kemoh is a self-driven and diligence young woman who was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia. Jessica expressed interest in LTLT because of her personal life journey which has motivated her to reach this far in life. Jessica reported that she got attached to LTLT because of the mission of building schools to help educate our generation of today and the generations yet to come. Jessica known how it feels to be denied the opportunity of education because her late brother and older sister who live in the village were denied the opportunity to learned because their presence on the farm was needed to feed and take care of the family and their need to learned was of less importance. While growing up, Jessica recalled observing her older siblings struggling to adapt to the city life because they lack competence in English and social skills. Jessica mother who notice her children were struggling put her children in night school because they were older to attends kindergarten with the kids. Jessica remember people making fun of her siblings because they were older and in elementary school and could not articulate simple sentences at their ages which was debilitating to their self-esteems and self-worth. Knowing the struggles of her siblings Jessica became inspired to joined LTLT to help and be an advocate to those who yearn to learn but lack the opportunity or finances to do so. Jessica passion, commitment and empathy to the uneducated is the fuel that drives this organization to investing in every child who cries in the dark to learn today! Please Joined Jessica and help LTLT educate the generation of today to lead tomorrow. " A mind is a terrible thing to waste" by Arthur Fletcher

Little Liberia
Little Liberia

Board Representative


Sam is a Young man pursuing his BS at Worcester State University. As a child coming from a third world country, Liberia, education was not my strong suit. My reading, writing, and math level was below average and so was everything else that had to do with education. When I started school in the United States, I was places in the 9th grade because of my age. This was very difficult because the education gap was huge. As a result, my grades suffered terribly. I needed help. Therefore, I attended a non-profit organization called M.V.P (Making Vision Possible) which helps students with education gap and prepare them for college. This organization helped me throughout my high school years. They assisted me with homework, tutoring, computer skills and even had extra classes to help me catch up with my peers in school. One of the reasons I joined the organization Learn Today Lead Tomorrow is the passion to give back to my community. I want to give children in Liberia the same opportunity and experience I was given by MVP. The opportunity that helped me advanced in my personal and scholastic life. Acts 20:35 state “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” LTLT mission has become my vision please help Sam help the forgotten children of this world.

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